Who needs cute kittens?

They say you need cute kittens for online stories to go viral. I say you have only have to watch Aaron MacArthur’s story to debunk that theory.

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If nothing else today, read this


“Despite science, despite medicine and despite wisdom, too many people still refuse to accept the importance of vaccination in saving lives.”

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I will remember all that I’ve learned from you


I will take your persistence, your dedication and your caring with me in my new role as president and CEO of Vancouver Coastal Health.

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So what is the big buzz around social media?


“If you are active online, I encourage – no, insist – you review the new VCH Social Media Policy.”

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Another reason why VCH is so great


“Since you have an open invitation to share what we felt, or witnessed unique qualities in our own teams and coworkers, I am sharing that e-mail with you so we can celebrate my co-workers together.”

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